Mr. Nakul Goel

The Real motive is to earn a high stand in the 'multiple services under one roof' sector, not through aggressive marketing or profit plans, but through the trust and satisfaction of our beloved customers

Mr. Nakul Goel (CMD) Mr Nakul Goel, Chairman and Managing Director of Sakshi Group of Companies, is another identity to whom the company owes a large part of its success. Mr. Nakul Goel believes in being the best at what he does. Being the leader of SGC, he has guided the company to a preferred multi sector company of the realm.

A Postgraduate from The University of Glasgow, Mr Nakul Goel has also served as an Analyst at KPMG and as an Accountant (Fund Manager) at Maa Omwati International Education City. His experience and strong will to succeed has always motivated SGC to conquer new heights and become a giant name in its sphere of influence. Our earnestness to quality & innovation over the past has earned us the lasting trust of our customers and made us a renowned name in various sectors. We pledge to go on with this mission of sustainable development and extraordinary services across all spectrum of society.

Mr Nakul Goel is the Chairman and Managing Director of Sakshi Group of Companies and he has been with the company since its inception in 2013. A visionary entrepreneur, Mr Nakul Goel believes in challenging conventional wisdom and he looks for game changing opportunities and ideas. With an handsome amount of experience in real estate, education and various other domains, he is a pioneer in multi sector business.

He completed his bachelor’s degree in BBA from Amity University Delhi in 2010 and then went on to complete his master’s degree from Lancaster University in 2011-2012 and The University of Glasgow in 2012-2013. With a rich academic record, Mr Nakul Goel has been a part of each and every step in the growth of Sakshi Group of Companies. A great business leader, he his also the Managing Director of Sakshi Realcon (P) Limited and Sakshi Property Consultants (P) Limited, closely held private companies that run under the flagship of Sakshi Group of Companies

From an extraordinary student to a business tycoon, the story of Mr Nakul Goel is really worth penning down. An expert in the real estate development sphere he is also exceptionally skilled in various facets such as Construction, Accounting, IFRS, Financial Statements, Finance, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Financial Reporting, Marketing Communications, US GAAP, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Management, Marketing Strategy and Project Management.

Gathered his internship at Unitech Limited, a Fund Manager at Maa Omwati International Education City in 2010, Nakul Goel has now become proficient in leading and innovating in his field of expertise. He also worked as an Analyst at KPMG and was a part of the Accounting Advisory Services Department. There he worked with the top names in the business and assisted companies in converting their Indian GAAP financials to IFRS/IND AS.