Mr. J.B. Goel

We don't believe in dreaming, we believe in living those dreams. Our vision is to take forward whatever has been given to us and work for the mutual growth of our accomplices, clients and the society

Mr. J.B. Goel, founder of Sakshi Group of Companies is the real entity behind the name and fame of the company. With a vast experience of over 30 years in the sphere of real estate and education, he has worked his heart out to give a direction and motto to SGC. It is his hard work and strong will that has taken Sakshi Group of Companies to Peak heights. Mr JB Goel has single-mindedly steered Sakshi Group of Companies towards the reputed position the company is standing at today. His visionary approach and astute leadership has lead SGC to conquer new heights in every industry it has put it steps in. Mr. JB Goel strongly advocates that the only way towards fast growth is Good Education and he has served as an architect to many trusted educational institutions of the nation. his path-breaking and visionary contributions to SGC has earned the company a trustworthy place in the business sector of the realm. Actively involved towards his social responsibilities, he is also the Whole Time Director (member) of CSR committee of one of the leading real estate company of the country. He is a big name in the construction industry and is one of the executive directors in one of the big players of the real estate sector.MR J.B Goel with his revolutionary business acumen, enterprising attitude and novel innovations has earned him wide recognition and admiration in the field of real estate, construction, civil engineering and various other spheres of influence. With over 35 years of experience in Civil Engineering, Construction & Real Estate and Infrastructure Development, Mr Jai Bhagwan Goel has been a paramount leader in every field he has started putting his hands. A graduate in Civil Engineering A.M.I.E., he has been an identity driven by hard work and high goals. Mr J.B Goel is a modern day entrepreneur and he walked out of his college with a grand vision of making a change in the society and living for others He has gathered a rich experience in some of the biggest organizations of the country like Central Public Work Department, International Airport Authority and Delhi Development Authority and today he has made everyone proud with his revolutionary actions.