3 Tips to Buy Artificial Grass Tiles Online

You benefit from a balcony or terrace; it is a great place to enjoy the sun and relax outside. But you dream of being able to walk barefoot, to be able to sit in the grass, to organize a picnic and, above all, to create a mini garden, comfortable and verdant. It is entirely possible to create the illusion of a fresh herb thanks to a synthetic grass. To beautify your balcony or terrace, all you have to do is choose the right Grass Flooring Tiles Online Store in India, discover how to lay it down and take care of it. To you the lemonades on a patio with the paces of the garden. And the advantage is that you will never need to switch the lawnmower!

Choosing your tiles from Grass Flooring Tiles Online Store in India

There are many models of synthetic turf, for all tastes and at all prices available at Interior Designs online shopping. The temptation is great to throw its sights on the first prize, but attention, not all have the same quality and the same hold in time. The goal is to create a mini garden on your balcony or terrace, but not to change it every year. To choose your synthetic grass, here are some guidelines to take into account.

• First and foremost, a natural look is sought. Certainly, a first-rate artificial lawn can have a natural shade but very short strands, which will be less resistant to repeated passages. The solution is, therefore, to climb- even slightly, in range and opt for a bluish synthetic turf but the strands a little longer.

The ideal length is between 20 and 42 mm, so that the strand lies with the wind. We put on models where the strands are cut longer or shorter, without uniformity, for a more natural rendering. Above all, the grassy green lawns, which, if they are popular among caterers for various events, will really be superficial on your balcony or terrace. There are some models mixing four shades.

• Depending on where you want to install your synthetic grass, you will opt for more or less wide rolls. For small balconies, there are rollers 4 meters long by 1 meter wide, easier to place on small surfaces. If you want to put artificial grass on a small terrace, to build a roof terrace or on a balcony, you can opt for a model without filling.

If, on the contrary, you want to cover a much frequented area or exposed to the rain – a terrace of house, an edge of swimming pool -, prefer synthetic grass with a sand fill. This makes it possible to keep the fibers straight and vertical and is more resistant to intensive trampling. The filling also has a draining function.

• Finally, the quality of synthetic turf will depend on the material of its weft, but also on its fiber. Latex weft is the most widespread, but a polyurethane weft will better withstand temperature and moisture deviations. As for the fiber, if it is made of polyurethane, it has good resistance to abrasion but is sensitive to crushing. It is also more economical.

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