How to Choose a LED Light to Save Electricity Bill ?

When one considers saving on the invoice of light, in addition to responsible consumption, having efficient products is an important part of the equation. If you refer to light bulbs, the classic low-power compact fluorescents have tough competition in LED bulbs.

When one goes to buy ceiling lights online India, and he has to choose a suitable model it is usual to have doubts on ceiling lights online price. There are models with a big difference in price and features that you must keep in mind to get it right when buying a ceiling light.

Consumption and efficiency

Power: The total consumption of power is measured in Watts. In LED bulbs the power match and the amount of light they generate are not as direct as in other categories. The smaller it is, the less it will consume the bulb.

Equivalence in watts: This is the equivalent power of an incandescent lamp with the same light outputĀ Energy efficiency class: As in appliances, it is a visual way of knowing how efficient a bulb is.

Power factor: One of the keys of LED bulbs. This is a reference to the amount of energy that the bulb transforms into the light, and is directed on a scale of 0 to 1. In LEDs, this value is usually high, above 0.7 in good models, which means That 70% of the energy becomes light.

Luminous flux or light emission: The amount of light produced by a bulb is measured in lumens. This feature is a good indicator of the quality of a LED because it can offer a significant flow with little power. If this information is not indicated, it can be calculated approximately as the number of watts per 70.

Why Choose a LED Light Bulb

Within the lighting market, the types of lamps that currently enjoy the best fame are LED bulbs. They are considered models of low consumption but that base their operation in the inclusion of light emitting diodes instead of being compact fluorescents as the present ones.

LED bulbs are firstly more efficient models when producing light, counting on average with an 80% savings over incandescent, but also taking some advantage of the classic low consumption. An LED bulb of about 14 W has an equivalence with an incandescent of about 100 W and a low consumption of about 20 W.

In addition to greater efficiency, LED technology means a significant increase in the life of a light bulb, standing on average in quality models above 40,000 hours.

Other advantages of using LED lights have to do with their instantaneous ignition; there are more options to choose by color temperature, they can be adjustable and also considered less pollution, presuming especially not to contain any mercury, which is one of the Disadvantages of low-power fluorescent bulbs. Visit online websites to know led bulb online price in India.

At the design level, choosing LED technology allows companies to manufacture more differential light bulbs, adapting formats that with both classic and low-energy light is not so easy to achieve.

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